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Clan Forum

All clans are given access to a forum in which members can discuss their strategies and plan collaborative activities.

See Messages for a full list of formatting codes allowed in forum posts.


From the forum index, a list of all available threads is presented. Clicking on a thread's subject line will display all of its posts on a new page.

The first thread shown in the list is always the Clan News thread, marked with a "!". The latest message posted to this thread will be displayed on the Main page of all clan members.

Next, any sticky threads will be listed, marked with a "*" and ordered descending by the last date a reply was posted. Below Sticky threads, all other threads are listed in chronological order by latest post.

Locked threads, marked with a "X", can only be posted to by the clan Leader and Assistant Leader, henceforth referred to as Moderators.

Any clan member can create a new thread by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Thread View

Moderators are permitted to edit and delete posts made by any user - other clan members can only edit or delete their own posts, and only if nobody has yet replied to them.

Editing the first post in a thread allows editing the thread's Subject, and Moderators are also allowed to mark (or unmark) the thread as Sticky or Locked.

Deleting the first post in a thread will delete the entire thread. If you are editing the Clan News thread, however, only the first post will be deleted, as deleting this thread is not allowed.

Clicking the [Quote] link will copy the text of the corresponding message into the Reply form at the bottom of the page and enclose it in quote tags.

Only the clan Leader, Assistant Leader, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs are permitted to post in the Clan News thread.

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